Ringo Tasks
Ringo Tasks leads you a more comfortable life.
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Task management application designed for iPhone and iPad.

Ringo Tasks offers you many task management featureas such as task creating, categories, priorities, due date, automatic sort, manual mode, calendar mode, sync with Google Calendar, backup/restore via http(s) connection and so forth to improve your management with friendly user interface.


  • Categories
  • Calendar mode
  • Easy complete/uncomplete switch
  • Useful automatic sort (by title, proprities, due date)
  • Flexitible manual placement mode
  • Details page mode
  • Sync with Google Calendar
  • Sync with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007/2010 Tasks
  • Sync with other iOS device (iPhone and iPad) directly each other
  • Backup and restore via http(s) connection
  • Quick application startup
  • Fast and Lightweight performance
  • Both horizontal and vertical spport
  • Handshake operation support
  • Due date and repeat settings
  • Local notification support

Resource Limits

  • Upper limit of categories is 100.
  • Upper limit of tasks is 2000.
  • Upper limit of tasks per a category is 100.
  • Upper limit of category name is 100 characters.
  • Upper limit of task name is 100 characters.
  • Upper limit of task defails is 2000 characters.


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We have changed our application's name and its product icon (the circumstances left us no other choice).
We are afraid that you can not upgrade your products bacause the Application-ID was changed. Instead, we offers deep discounts.
We would be grateful if you give us this concession.

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